High energy emission from AGN cocoons in clusters of galaxies

Kino, M.
Kawakatu, N.
Ito, H.
Nagai, H.
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Gamma-ray emission from cocoons of young radio galaxies is predicted. Considering the process of adiabatic injection of the shock dissipation energy and mass of the relativistic jet into the cocoon, we find that the thermal electron temperature of the cocoon is typically predicted to be of the order of $\sim$ MeV, and is determined only by the bulk Lorentz factor of the jet. Together with the time-dependent dynamics of the cocoon expansion, we find that young cocoons can yield thermal Bremsstrahlung emissions at energies $\sim$MeV. Hotter cocoons (i.e., GeV) for younger sources are also discussed.
Comment: 5 pages and 3 figures, accepted for publication in Astronomische Nachrichten (issue dedicated to the Proceedings of "The 4th Workshop on Compact Steep Spectrum and GHz-Peaked Spectrum Radio Sources" held at Riccione, Italy, 26-29 May 2008)
Astrophysics - Astrophysics of Galaxies