(0,2) Gauged Linear Sigma Model on Supermanifold

Okame, Yusuke
Hayashi, Mitsuo J.
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We construct (0,2), D=2 gauged linear sigma model on a supermanifold in both the Abelian gauge group and the non-Abelian gauge group. The $\hat{U}$ operator provides consistency conditions for satisfying the SUSY invariance. Contrary to the Abelian gauge group, it is not essential to introduce the new operator in order to check the exact SUSY invariance of the Lagrangian density. However, in order to introduce the (0,2) chiral superfields, we need the $\hat{U}$ operator, because we can not define the (0,2) chirality conditions of the (0,2) chiral superfields without introducing the new operator by using $\hat{U}$ and the enlarged operator \hat{U}^{a} was obtained from the conditions that yield the (0,2) supersymmetric invariance of the Lagrangian density of the (0,2) U(N) gauged linear sigma model in superfield formalism. We found that the consistency conditions for the Abelian gauge group which assure the (0,2) supersymmetric invariance of Lagrangian density agree with (0,2) chirality conditions for superpotential. The supermanifold \mathcal{M}^{m|n} becomes the super weighted complex projective space WCP^{m-1|n} in U(1) case, which is considered as an example of Calabi-Yau supermanifold.
Comment: 19 pages, no figures, Verification of component fields are deleted
High Energy Physics - Theory