Approximate Characterizations for the Gaussian Source Broadcast Distortion Region

Tian, Chao
Diggavi, Suhas
Shamai, Shlomo
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We consider the joint source-channel coding problem of sending a Gaussian source on a K-user Gaussian broadcast channel with bandwidth mismatch. A new outer bound to the achievable distortion region is derived using the technique of introducing more than one additional auxiliary random variable, which was previously used to derive sum-rate lower bound for the symmetric Gaussian multiple description problem. By combining this outer bound with the achievability result based on source-channel separation, we provide approximate characterizations of the achievable distortion region within constant multiplicative factors. Furthermore, we show that the results can be extended to general broadcast channels, and the performance of the source-channel separation based approach is also within the same constant multiplicative factors of the optimum.
Comment: revised version. to appear in Trans. IT
Computer Science - Information Theory