Itinerant metamagnetism in manganites caused by the field-induced electronic nematic order

Gao, Tian
Cao, Shixun
Yuan, Shujuan
Jing, Chao
Kang, Baojuan
Zhang, Jincang
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Itinerant metamagnetism transition is observed and studied in perovskite La1-xCaxMn0.90Cu0.10O3 system for x = 0.30. At a constant low temperature, 10 K < T < 150 K, there is a continuous second-order metamagnetism jump from a low magnetic state to a high one with the magnetic field H increasing. However, at an exceeding low temperature, T = 2.5 K, the metamagnetism jump at H = 3.5 T becomes to be a robust first-order transition, and another metamagnetism transition occurs at a higher field H = 7.0 T. Since there is no charge ordering sign in the present system, it can not be understood by using the phase separation model or the prior martensite/austenitic phase transition scenario. A theoretical electronic nematic order phase formation is evidenced to answer for the two consecutive metamagnetic transitions, which separate the nematic phase from the low-field (H < 3.5 T) and high-field (H > 7.0 T) isotropic phases.
Comment: 10 pages, 5 figures
Condensed Matter - Strongly Correlated Electrons