How to be correct, lazy and efficient ?

Recanati, Catherine
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This paper is an introduction to Lambdix, a lazy Lisp interpreter implemented at the Research Laboratory of Paris XI University (Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique, Orsay). Lambdix was devised in the course of an investigation into the relationship between the semantics of programming languages and their implementation; it was used to demonstrate that in the Lisp domain, semantic correctness is consistent with efficiency, contrary to what has often been claimed. The first part of the paper is an overview of well-known semantic difficulties encountered by Lisp as well as an informal presentation of Lambdix; it is shown that the difficulties which Lisp encouters do not arise in Lambdix. The second part is about efficiency in implementation models. It explains why Lambdix is better suited for lazy evaluation than previous models. The section ends by giving comparative execution time tables.
Comment: 21 pages
Computer Science - Programming Languages