Prospect of Rapidity Asymmetry and Nuclear Modifications

Barnaföldi, G. G.
Adeluyi, A.
Fai, G.
Lévai, P.
Papp, G.
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In asymmetric heavy ion collisions like dA or pA, particle production yields are different in the forward (d- or p-side) and backward (A-side) rapidity directions. The rapidity distribution reflects the geometry and phase-space distribution of nuclear matter. These properties may depend on the time evolution of the collision. Due to the smallness of the backward-forward differences, the rapidity asymmetry factor can be useful to quantify nuclear modification effects, like e.g. shadowing and the EMC effect. Our work is a survey of the nuclear modification factor and the rapidity asymmetries at RHIC energies. We analyze the rapidity dependence and the strength of the nuclear effects. We focus on the high transverse momentum region, and make predictions for the role of nuclear modifications and rapidity asymmetries for future experimental measurements at increasing absolute values of rapidity.
Comment: 6 pages, 5 fidures, For the Proceedings of the 24th Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics, South Padre, Texas, April 5-12, 2008
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology