Testing the new CP phase in a Supersymmetric Model with Q6 Family Symmetry by Bs Mixing

Kawashima, Kenji
Kubo, Jisuke
Lenz, Alexander
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The new contribution to the non-diagonal matrix element M_12 of the neutral B_s meson system is investigated in a supersymmetric extension of the standard model based on the discrete Q6 family symmetry. We assume that CP is explicitly, but softly broken only by the b terms in the soft supersymmetry breaking sector. We find that the new contributions to M_12 are real, and that nevertheless there exists an observable difference in the CP phase compared with the standard model. We focus our attention on the flavor-specific CP asymmetry a_fs^s, and find that a_fs^s of the model is mostly negative and its size can be one order of magnitude larger the standard model value. This prediction is consistent with the current experimental value, and can be experimentally tested in the near future.
Comment: 10 pages, 3 figures
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology