Les Agents comme des interpr\'eteurs Scheme : Sp\'ecification dynamique par la communication

Jonquet, Clément
Cerri, Stefano A.
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We proposed in previous papers an extension and an implementation of the STROBE model, which regards the Agents as Scheme interpreters. These Agents are able to interpret messages in a dedicated environment including an interpreter that learns from the current conversation therefore representing evolving meta-level Agent's knowledge. When the Agent's interpreter is a nondeterministic one, the dialogues may consist of subsequent refinements of specifications in the form of constraint sets. The paper presents a worked out example of dynamic service generation - such as necessary on Grids - by exploiting STROBE Agents equipped with a nondeterministic interpreter. It shows how enabling dynamic specification of a problem. Then it illustrates how these principles could be effective for other applications. Details of the implementation are not provided here, but are available.
Computer Science - Multiagent Systems, Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence