Exploring Jet Properties in p-p Collisions at 200 GeV with STAR

Caines, Helen
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The mechanisms underlying hadronization are not well understood, both in vacuum and in hot QCD matter. Precise characterization of jet fragmentation to hadrons in p-p collisions will help elucidate the fundamental process of hadronization, and will serve as essential reference to measure the modification of hadronization in heavy ion collisions. We present measurements of fragmentation functions for unidentified particles in jets produced in p-p collisions at 200 GeV using the STAR detector at RHIC. The results from different jet reconstruction algorithms are compared, including variations of the resolution parameter. It is found that the results are largely insensitive to details of the jet-finding algorithm at RHIC energies. Particle production inside and outside of these reconstructed jets will be compared to improve our understanding of the hadronization mechanisms for soft and hard particles in p-p events at RHIC energies.
Comment: 4 pages, 7 figures - To appear in the conference proceedings for Quark Matter 2009, March 30 - April 4, Knoxville, Tennessee Final version after referee's comments
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