Challenge on Ca-48 enrichment for CANDLES double beta decay experiment

Hazama, R.
Tatewaki, Y.
Kishimoto, T.
Matsuoka, K.
Endo, N.
Kume, K.
Shibahara, Y.
Tanimizu, M.
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Chemical isotope effects of calcium were studied by liquid-liquid extraction using a crown ether of dicyclohexano-18-crown-6 for the purpose of finding a cost-effective and efficient way of enrichment of Ca-48 towards the study of the neutrinoless double beta decay of Ca-48. We evaluated each contribution ratio of the field shift effect and the hyperfine splitting shift effect to the mass effect of the calcium isotopes for the first time. The present preliminary result suggests the contribution of the field shift effect is small, especially for Ca-40-Ca-48 case, compared with the case of Chromium trichloride-crown in which the isotope enrichment factors are strongly affected by the field shifts. These indications are promising towards the mass producion of enriched Ca-48 by the chemical separation method.
Comment: 4 pages, uses vietnam.sty, proc. of the "Challenges in particle astrophysics" conf. held in Hanoi, Aug. 2006
Nuclear Experiment