Anthropomorphic Quantum Darwinism as an explanation for Classicality

Durt, Thomas
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According to the so-called ``Quantum Darwinist'' approach, the emergence of ``classical islands'' from a quantum background is assumed to obey a (selection) principle of maximal information. We illustrate this idea by considering the coupling of two particles that interact through a position-dependent potential. This approach sheds a new light on the emergence of classical logics and of our classical preconceptions about the world. The distinction between internal and external world, the Cartesian prejudice according to which the whole can be reduced to the sum of its parts and the appearance of preferred representation bases such as the position is seen here as the result of a very long evolution and would correspond to the most useful way of extracting stable and useful information from the quantum correlations.
Comment: 23 pages; 2 figures, accepted for publication in Foundations of Science
Quantum Physics