On the Selmer groups of abelian varieties over function fields of characteristic p>0

Ochiai, Tadashi
Trihan, Fabien
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In this paper, we study a (p-adic) geometric analogue for abelian varieties over a function field of characteristic p of the cyclotomic Iwasawa theory and the non-commutative Iwasawa theory for abelian varieties over a number field initiated by Mazur and Coates respectively. We will prove some analogue of the principal results obtained in the case over a number field and we study new phenomena which did not happen in the case of number field case. We propose also a conjecture which might be considered as a counterpart of the principal conjecture in the case over a number field. \par This is a preprint which is distributed since 2005 which is still in the process of submision. Following a recent modification of some technical mistakes in the previous version of the paper as well as an amelioration of the presentation of the paper, we decide wider distribution via the archive.
Comment: 21 pages
Mathematics - Number Theory, Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry