On The Pomeron at Large 't Hooft Coupling

Brower, Richard C.
Strassler, Matthew J.
Tan, Chung-I
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We begin the process of unitarizing the Pomeron at large 't Hooft coupling. We do so first in the conformal regime, which applies to good accuracy to a number of real and toy problems in QCD. We rewrite the conformal Pomeron in the $J$-plane and transverse position space, and then work out the eikonal approximation to multiple Pomeron exchange. This is done in the context of a more general treatment of the complex $J$-plane and the geometric consequences of conformal invariance. The methods required are direct generalizations of our previous work on single Pomeron exchange and on multiple graviton exchange in AdS space, and should form a starting point for other investigations. We consider unitarity and saturation in the conformal regime, noting elastic and absorptive effects, and exploring where different processes dominate. Our methods extend to confining theories and we briefly consider the Pomeron kernel in this context. Though there is important model dependence that requires detailed consideration, the eikonal approximation indicates that the Froissart bound is generically both satisfied and saturated.
Comment: 63 pages, 7 figures; published version: references updated and several typos corrected
High Energy Physics - Theory