Solution of the inverse problem in spherical gravitational wave detectors using a model with independent bars

Lenzi, César H.
Magalhães, Nadja S.
Marinho Jr., Rubens M.
Costa, César A.
Araújo, Helmo A. B.
Aguiar, Odylio D.
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The direct detection of gravitational waves will provide valuable astrophysical information about many celestial objects. The SCHENBERG has already undergone its first test run. It is expected to have its first scientific run soon. In this work a new data analysis approach is presented, called method of independent bars, which can be used with SCHENBERG's data . We test this method through the simulation of the detection of gravitational waves. With this method we find the source's direction without the need to have all six transducers operational. Also we show that the method is a generalization of another one, already described in the literature, known as the mode channels method.
Comment: 21 pages, 3 figures
General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology