Photometric redshifts for the CFHTLS-Wide

Brimioulle, Fabrice
Lerchster, Michael
Seitz, Stella
Bender, Ralf
Snigula, Jan
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We want to derive bias free, accurate photometric redshifts for those fields of the CFHTLS-Wide data which are covered in the u*, g', r', i' and z' filters and are public on January 2008. These are 37 square degrees in the W1, W3 and W4 fields with photometric data for a total of 2.597.239 galaxies. We use the photometric redshift code PHOTO-z of Bender et al. (2001). We compare our redshifts for the W1, W3 and W4 fields to about 7500 spectroscopic redshifts from the VVDS therein. For galaxies with 17.5 <= i' AB <= 22.5 the accuracies and outlier rates become sigma=0.033, eta~2 % for W1, sigma=0.037, eta~2% for W3 and sigma=0.035, eta~2.5 % outliers for W4 fields. For the total galaxy sample with about 9000 spectroscopic redshifts from VVDS, DEEP2 or SDSS we obtain a sigma=0.04 and eta~5.7% for the PHOTO-z redshifts. We consider the photometric redshifts of Erben et al. (2008) which were obtained with exactly the same photometric catalog using the BPZ-redshift code and compare them with our computed redshifts. We also merge the subsample with good photometric redshifts from PHOTO-z with that one from BPZ to obtain a sample which then contains 'secure' redshifts according to both the PHOTO-z and the BPZ codes. This sample contains about 6100 spectra and the photometric redshift qualities become sigma=0.037 and eta~1.0% for our PHOTO-z redshifts. We conclude that this work provides a bias free, low dispersion photometric redshift catalog, that we have criteria at hand to select a 'robust' subsample with fewer outliers. Such a subsample is very useful to study the redshift dependent growth of the dark matter fluctuations with weak lensing cosmic shear analyses or to investigate the redshift dependent weak lensing signal behind clusters of galaxies in the framework of dark energy equation of state constraints.
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