Theory of radiation trapping by the accelerating solitons in optical fibers

Gorbach, A. V.
Skryabin, D. V.
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We present a theory describing trapping of the normally dispersive radiation by the Raman solitons in optical fibers. Frequency of the radiation component is continuously blue shifting, while the soliton is red shifting. Underlying physics of the trapping effect is in the existence of the inertial gravity-like force acting on light in the accelerating frame of reference. We present analytical calculations of the rate of the opposing frequency shifts of the soliton and trapped radiation and find it to be greater than the rate of the red shift of the bare Raman soliton. Our findings are essential for understanding of the continuous shift of the high frequency edge of the supercontinuum spectra generated in photonic crystal fibers towards higher frequencies.
Comment: Several misprints in text and formulas corrected. 10 pages, 9 figures, submitted to Phys. Rev. A
Physics - Optics, Nonlinear Sciences - Pattern Formation and Solitons