Fermion mass splitting, stability and naturalness problems in warped braneworld models

SenGupta, Soumitra
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We generalize the Randall Sundrum warped braneworld model in six and higher dimension and propose a resolution to the mass hierarchy among the standard model fermions. The fine tuning problem in connection with the scalar mass however is shown to reappear in a new guise in five dimensional warped model when the two form antisymmetric tensor fields, a massless string mode, propagates in the bulk. Finally the issue of modulus stabilization is re-examined in presence of a bulk scalar by considering it's back-reaction on the background geometry. The role of higher derivative term of the bulk scalar is shown to be crucial to achieve modulus stabilization.
Comment: 11 Pages, Latex, 3 figures, Contributed to International Workshop on Theoretical High Energy Physics, Roorkee, India, 15 to 20 March 2007
High Energy Physics - Theory, High Energy Physics - Phenomenology