Magnetic moments of octet baryons, angular momenta of quarks and sea antiquark polarizations

Bartelski, J.
Tatur, S.
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One can determine antiquark polarizations in proton using the information from deep inelastic scattering, $\beta$ decays of baryons, orbital angular momenta of quarks, as well as their integrated magnetic distributions. The last quantities were determined previously by us performing a fit to magnetic moments of baryon octet. However, because of the SU(3) symmetry our results depend on two parameters. The quantity $\Gamma_{V}$, measured recently in a COMPASS experiment, gives the relation between these parameters. We can fix the last unknown parameter using the ratio of up and down quark magnetic moments which one can get from the fit to radiative vector meson decays. We calculate antiquark polarizations with the orbital momenta of valence quarks that follow from lattice calculations. The value of difference for up and down antiquark polarizations obtained in our calculations is consistent with the result obtained in a HERMES experiment.
Comment: 14 pages, latex, 5 eps figures
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology