Pion dominance in RPV SUSY induced neutrinoless double beta decay

Faessler, Amand
Gutsche, Thomas
Kovalenko, Sergey
Simkovic, Fedor
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At the quark level there are basically two types of contributions of R-parity violating SUSY (RPV SUSY) to neutrinoless double beta decay: the short-range contribution involving only heavy virtual superpartners and the long-range one with the virtual squark and neutrino. Hadronization of the effective operators, corresponding to these two types of contributions, may in general involve virtual pions in addition to the close on-mass-shell nucleons. It is known that the short-range contribution is dominated by the pion exchange. In the present paper we show that this is also true for the long-range RPV SUSY contribution and, therefore, the RPV SUSY contributes to the neutrinoless double beta decay dominantly via charged pion exchange between the decaying nucleons.
Comment: 7 pages, 1 figure. Minor corrections, several comments and references added
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology