DESIGN-BASED APPROACHES TO ENGAGE YOUTH IN THE TRANSITION TO SUSTAINABILITYAbordagens de Design para Engajar os Jovens na Transição para a Sustentabilidade

Mouchrek, Najla
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UFSC - Federal University of Santa Catarina
This research aims to study how the integration of design thinking and participatory design applied to education experiences can promote engagement in sustainability and pro-environmental behavior among young students. The potential of Design to support the culture of sustainability among youth, bridging the value-action gap in pro-environmental behavior and developing sustainable competencies is investigated. The research uses a multi-method approach. This paper summarizes the findings of the exploratory phase consisting in literature review, context analysis, ethnographic observation and pilot application of Participatory Design activities in undergraduate courses. Preliminary findings show that design-based participatory approaches integrated in educational settings offer excellent opportunities to positive intervention to both engage youth in sustainability and support their development.
Design for Sustainability, Youth, Engagement, Culture, Participatory Design, Interdisciplinariedade e sustentabilidade