Optical spectra and exchange-correlation effects in molecular crystals

Sai, Na
Tiago, Murilo L.
Chelikowsky, James R.
Reboredo, Fernando A.
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We report first-principles GW-Bethe Salpeter Equation and Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of the optical and electronic properties of molecular and crystalline rubrene (C$_{42}$H$_{28}$). Many-body effects dominate the optical spectrum and quasi-particle gap of molecular crystals. We interpret the observed yellow-green photoluminescence in rubrene microcrystals as a result of the formation of intermolecular, charge-transfer spin-singlet excitons. In contrast, spin-triplet excitons are localized and intramolecular with a predicted phosphorescence at the red end of the optical spectrum. We find that the exchange energy plays a fundamental role in raising the energy of intramolecular spin-singlet excitons above the intermolecular ones. Exciton binding energies are predicted to be around 0.5 eV (spin singlet) to 1 eV (spin triplet). The calculated electronic gap is 2.8 eV. The theoretical absorption spectrum agrees very well with recent ellipsometry data.
Comment: 4 pages, 4 figures
Condensed Matter - Materials Science