Beam dynamics and wake-field simulations for the CLIC main linacs

Khan, V.
Jones, R. M.
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The CLIC linear collider aims at accelerating multiple bunches of electrons and positrons and colliding them at a centre of mass energy of 3 TeV. These bunches will be accelerated through X-band linacs, operating at an accelerating frequency of 12 GHz. Each beam readily excites wake-fields within the accelerating cavities of each linac. The transverse components of the wake-fields, if left unchecked, can dilute the beam emittance. The present CLIC design relies on heavy damping of these wake-fields in order to ameliorate the effects of the wake-fields on the beam emittance. Here we present initial results on simulations of the long-range wake-fields in these structures and on beam dynamics simulations. In particular, detailed simulations are performed, on emittance dilution due to beams initially injected with realistic offsets from the electrical centre of the cavities.
Comment: 3 Pages. To be published in proceedings of LINAC 2008, Victoria, Canada
Physics - Accelerator Physics