Modeling He-rich subdwarfs through the hot-flasher scenario (brief version)

Bertolami, M. M. Miller
Althaus, L. G.
Unglaub, K.
Weiss, A.
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We present 1D numerical simulations aimed at studying the hot-flasher scenario for the formation of He-rich subdwarf stars. Sequences were calculated for a wide range of metallicities and with the He core flash at different points of the post-RGB evolution (i.e. different remnant masses). We followed the complete evolution from the ZAMS, through the hot-flasher event, and to the subdwarf stage for all kinds of hot-flashers. This allows us to present a homogeneous set of abundances for different metallicities and all flavors of hot-flashers. We extend the scope of our work by analyzing the effects in the predicted surface abundances of some standard assumptions in convective mixing and the effects of element diffusion. We find that the hot-flasher scenario is a viable explanation for the formation of He-sdO stars. Our results also show that element diffusion may produce the transformation of (post hot-flasher) He-rich atmospheres into He-deficient ones. If this is so, then the hot-flasher scenario is able to reproduce both the observed properties and distribution of He-sdO stars.
Comment: Submitted to the "Proceedings of the 16th European White Dwarf Workshop" (to be published JPCS). 4 pages including 1 table and 1 figure. Brief version of the work to be published by A&A (DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:200810373), but including some complementary information to that work