Discovery of the energetic pulsar J1747-2809 in the supernova remnant G0.9+0.1

Camilo, F.
Ransom, S. M.
Gaensler, B. M.
Lorimer, D. R.
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The supernova remnant G0.9+0.1 has long been inferred to contain a central energetic pulsar. In observations with the NRAO Green Bank Telescope at 2 GHz, we have detected radio pulsations from PSR J1747-2809. The pulsar has a rotation period of 52 ms, and a spin-down luminosity of 4.3e37 erg/s, the second largest among known Galactic pulsars. With a dispersion measure of 1133 pc/cc, PSR J1747-2809 is distant, at ~13 kpc according to the NE2001 electron density model, although it could be located as close as the Galactic center. The pulse profile is greatly scatter-broadened at a frequency of 2 GHz, so that it is effectively undetectable at 1.4 GHz, and is very faint, with period-averaged flux density of 40 uJy at 2 GHz.
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