Determination of the Strong Phase in D0 -> K+pi- Using Quantum-Correlated Measurements

The CLEO Collaboration
Rosner, J. L.
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We exploit the quantum coherence between pair-produced D0 and D0bar in psi(3770) decays to study charm mixing, which is characterized by the parameters x and y, and to make a first determination of the relative strong phase \delta between D0 -> K+pi- and D0bar -> K+pi-. Using 281 pb^-1 of e^+e^- collision data collected with the CLEO-c detector at E_cm = 3.77 GeV, as well as branching fraction input and time-integrated measurements of R_M = (x^2+y^2)/2 and R_{WS} = Gamma(D0 -> K+pi-)/Gamma(D0bar -> K+pi-) from other experiments, we find \cos\delta = 1.03 +0.31-0.17 +- 0.06, where the uncertainties are statistical and systematic, respectively. By further including other mixing parameter measurements, we obtain an alternate measurement of \cos\delta = 1.10 +- 0.35 +- 0.07, as well as x\sin\delta = (4.4 +2.7-1.8 +- 2.9) x 10^-3 and \delta = 22 +11-12 +9-11 degrees.
Comment: 5 pages, also available through Incorporated referees' comments
High Energy Physics - Experiment