Model for the magnetoresistance and Hall coefficient of inhomogeneous graphene

Tiwari, Rakesh P.
Stroud, D.
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We show that when bulk graphene breaks into n-type and p-type puddles, the in-plane resistivity becomes strongly field dependent in the presence of a perpendicular magnetic field, even if homoge- neous graphene has a field-independent resistivity. We calculate the longitudinal resistivity \rho_{xx} and Hall resistivity \rho_{xy} as a function of field for this system, using the effective-medium approximation. The conductivity tensors of the individual puddles are calculated using a Boltzmann approach suit- able for the band structure of graphene near the Dirac points. The resulting resistivity agrees well with experiment, provided that the relaxation time is weakly field-dependent. The calculated Hall resistivity has the sign of the majority carrier and vanishes when there are equal number of n and p type puddles.
Comment: 5 pages, 4 figures
Condensed Matter - Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics