The ALPS project release 1.3: open source software for strongly correlated systems

Albuquerque, A. F.
Alet, F.
Corboz, P.
Dayal, P.
Feiguin, A.
Fuchs, S.
Gamper, L.
Gull, E.
Guertler, S.
Honecker, A.
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We present release 1.3 of the ALPS (Algorithms and Libraries for Physics Simulations) project, an international open source software project to develop libraries and application programs for the simulation of strongly correlated quantum lattice models such as quantum magnets, lattice bosons, and strongly correlated fermion systems. Development is centered on common XML and binary data formats, on libraries to simplify and speed up code development, and on full-featured simulation programs. The programs enable non-experts to start carrying out numerical simulations by providing basic implementations of the important algorithms for quantum lattice models: classical and quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) using non-local updates, extended ensemble simulations, exact and full diagonalization (ED), as well as the density matrix renormalization group (DMRG). Changes in the new release include a DMRG program for interacting models, support for translation symmetries in the diagonalization programs, the ability to define custom measurement operators, and support for inhomogeneous systems, such as lattice models with traps. The software is available from our web server at .
Condensed Matter - Strongly Correlated Electrons, Condensed Matter - Statistical Mechanics