Forster energy transfer signatures in optically driven quantum dot molecules

Rolon, Juan E.
Ulloa, Sergio E.
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The Forster resonant energy transfer mechanism (FRET) is investigated in optically driven and electrically gated tunnel coupled quantum dot molecules. Two novel FRET induced optical signatures are found in the dressed excitonic spectrum. This is constructed from exciton level occupation as function of pump laser energy and applied bias, resembling a level anticrossing spectroscopy measurement. We observe a redistribution of spectral weight and splitting of the exciton spectral lines. FRET among single excitons induces a splitting in the spatially-direct exciton lines, away from the anticrossing due to charge tunneling in the molecule. However, near the anticrossing, a novel signature appears as a weak satellite line following an indirect exciton line. FRET signatures may also occur among indirect excitons, appearing as split indirect lines. In that case, the signatures appear also in the direct biexciton states, as the indirect satellite mixes in near the tunneling anticrossing region.
Condensed Matter - Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics