D-branes as coherent states in the open string channel

Cantcheff, Marcelo Botta
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We show that bosonic D-brane states may be represented as coherent states in an open string representation. By using the Thermo-Field Dynamics (TFD) formalism, we may construct a condensed state of open string modes which encodes the information on the D-brane configuration. We also introduce a construction alternative to TFD, which does not requires to assume thermal equilibrium. It is shown that the dynamics of the system combined with geometric properties of the duplication rules of TFD is sufficient to obtain the thermal states and their analytic continuations in a geometric fashion. We use this approach to show that bosonic D-brane state in the open string sector may also be built as boundary states in a special sense. Some implications of this study on the interpretation of the open/closed duality and on the kinemathic/algebraic structure of an open string field theory are also commented.
Comment: Prepared for XXVI strings@ar (2007), IAFE, Buenos Aires, Argentina. To appear in EPJ C
High Energy Physics - Theory