Codebook Design Method for Noise Robust Speaker Identification based on Genetic Algorithm

Islam, Md. Rabiul
Rahman, Md. Fayzur
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In this paper, a novel method of designing a codebook for noise robust speaker identification purpose utilizing Genetic Algorithm has been proposed. Wiener filter has been used to remove the background noises from the source speech utterances. Speech features have been extracted using standard speech parameterization method such as LPC, LPCC, RCC, MFCC, (delta)MFCC and (delta)(delta) MFCC. For each of these techniques, the performance of the proposed system has been compared. In this codebook design method, Genetic Algorithm has the capability of getting global optimal result and hence improves the quality of the codebook. Comparing with the NOIZEOUS speech database, the experimental result shows that 79.62 percent accuracy has been achieved.
Comment: 5 Pages IEEE format, International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, IJCSIS 2009, ISSN 1947 5500, Impact factor 0.423,
Computer Science - Sound, Computer Science - Neural and Evolutionary Computing